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The Thought Leader Conference 2014: ‘’From Social Media to Social Business’’ closed on March 28th gathered international audience from Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, UK, and provided us with inspirational content, pragmatic solutions and interactive flow of thoughts.
Many thanks to all participants for sharing your experience and inspirations, and for all the interactions.

alpha centauris Team

Thought Leading Speakers...

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It was great for me to meet so many experts in social business in one room and to have really a lot of varieties of topics, also to get additional inputs, statements and exchange personal experience. I would recommend to participate again.
— Dominik Büscher, Deutsche Telekom
How I see this conference: Firstly, it was about content. It was not only about social media, not only about social collaboration, not only about innovation - but all those things together. This is a good way to open up your mind to different perspectives. And the other interesting dimension is about relationships. Being quite intimate, it was easy to connect to different people, spent time together and feel bond, which is not easy in huge conferences.
— Emanuele Quintarelli, Ernst & Young
What I liked very much about the conference was the diversity of the topics. I really learned a lot from different topics that were presented. The speakers were all experts in their area. We really got some fundamental insights in trends and upcoming hypes for the next years.
— Prof. Dr. W. Prinz, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Technology
During the conference everybody had the chance to find out how to use social media in the real business. Not only in the marketing field, but also how to use the social concept to engage the employees to work better in the company.
— Arkadiusz Cybulski, Gamfi
What I liked most was the chance to being connected and to understand what everybody is doing. It was amazing to talk to one start-up who builds business from scratch and to learn from them. It made a lot of fun. I learned a lot of things and it was definitely helpful to grow network.
— Kevin Goldhausen,