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Social Media Controlling: Balanced & Realtime

Abstract: Prof. Dr. Grothe

It is not surprising that hand in hand with the complexity and range of Social Media activities comes the desire of companies to control and scale those activities. Especially the financial impact of Social Media activities becomes more and more crucial. But it is surprising indeed that this desire is being pushed by the practitioners themselves and not by „figure-loving“ controllers.

Social Media Controlling means to match and merge efficiently ERP data and Social Media data. Like this companies can identify their best-fitting KPIs and track as well as plan their activities corresponding to the company goals. By inserting those KPIs into a Balanced Scorecard and forecasting corresponding to Engagement Levels Social Media becomes not just measureable but scalable.

This conference session will focus on highlighting the learnings from creating and building a Social Business Controlling solution in cooperation with SAP and a Big Data Engagement tool with ORACLE as a premium customer. What are the obstacles and chances of bringing Social Media into generating „real business“?